Google Opinion Rewards: Gain credits with your opinions!

is with us for a long time but the app started to spread to the world last year. And it’s still spreading! The app was first created by Google for companies, which are active in North America to survey people about themselves, in 2014. Until 2016, the app could only be used in North America but at the end of 2016 Google announced that this app will be available for everyone in the world!

However, there was a major problem, the app was only working on devices because it was giving Google Play credits as you do surveys. Meantime, the app spread Europe, Middle East and the Far East. At the end of 2017, Google did another announcement and said that users will also be able to use this app by the end of 2017. Today, this app is available for iPhone in App Store. But, you may ask “Hey! It’s not useful if Google gives Play Store credits to users.”. Well, you are right but Google is ahead of you!

How to sign in Google Opinion Rewards

Android users don’t have to do anything to use this app. After installing it Google does a test survey to you if you are reading the questions or not. If you pass the test (this means answering every question as they wish), they start to send read surveys to you.

However, if you are an iOS user there are some requirements that you need to have before signing in. First things first you need to have a PayPal account to use this app. Since iOS isn’t connected to Play Store, Google gives real money to iOS users. And second of all, for now, this app is only available to iPhone users.

Survey Types in Google Opinion Rewards

There are 3 different types of surveys in this app.

  • Type-1: Company Surveys

Companies that want to survey people send these to Google and Google asks these brands to you. There are 5-6 companies in a survey and you first click on the companies you know. Then app chooses one of them and asks more detailed questions about it. After the survey ends, they instantly give money to you.

  • Type-2: Google Surveys

Google asks questions about its own services. The questions are about any service that Google offers. However, the structure is same. There are 5-6 Google services in a survey and you first click on the services that you used recently. Then app chooses one of them and asks more detailed questions about it. After the survey ends, they instantly give money to you.

  • Type-3: Surveys that related to your Youtube History

Before every type-3 survey, Google reasks if they can see your youtube watch history. If you accept, they ask questions about a video that you had watched before. After the survey ends, they instantly give money to you.  However, if you deny, they only thank you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an iOS user or an Android user, I believe this app is very useful. They give you money from easy surveys which took no longer than 2-3 minutes. I think anyone can download this app and use it. There aren’t any privacy problems in the app so it’s also secure. So what are you waiting? Download the app and start earning money!

Screenshot from the Google Opinion Rewards mobile applications.

I started to use this app on 27.05.2017 and until 06.04.2018 I’ve made 30.20 Turkish liras (=8$) until today. However, this shouldn’t be seen as Google pays so little, Google pays the amount no matter the currency, this could also be 30 dollars or 30 rupees.

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