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Guide: Defending against invasions in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of those games that you just keep playing. Through the day, you get a sudden urge to care your dwellers and make sure everything is on track at your post-apocalyptic bunker. In case you are new to the game, we have a simple guide on Fallout Shelter. In this guide, I will cover a more advanced topic; defending against invasions in .

Events in Fallout Shelter

In your shelter, not everything is smooth sailing. Time to time, some events requiring your action will happen. An example of this would be failed rushes. These cause events like fires. If they are not responded to quickly, they will drain your resources. That is why it is a good habit to pay full attention while rushing rooms. Events happening from failed rushes are unlikely to be major problems with some action, just deploy a few dwellers to the affected room.

Events caused by failed rushes may be easy to deal with, however, you should be careful not to underestimate invasions. Invasions are usually much harder to deal with, they hurt your dwellers and drain your resources at a fast pace. Because of their destructive nature, invasions in Fallout Shelter can kill tens of dwellers and set you back weeks of gameplay.

How Invasions Happen in Fallout Shelter

Invasion Beginning

Invasions occur randomly based on how big your shelter is. The bigger your shelter is, more the chance of an invasion. As the size of your shelter grows, invasions are more likely to include tougher enemies. That is why it crucial to make sure your dwellers are equipped well before growing too much.

When an invasion starts, you will be alerted with alarm sounds. Invaders will start approaching your bunker. When they reach the bunker, they shelter door will keep them outside for a few seconds. It is quite important to use this period of time to prepare your dwellers.

During the Invasion

The invaders will be attacking rooms one by one. In every room, they will combat your dwellers, hurting them along the way. They will be also draining your resources. Dealing with invaders in a fast and effective way helps the development of your shelter, a lot.

Dealing with the Invaders

The optimal fight against invaders is having your best weapons and equipment on your most developed dwellers and assigning these “fighter” dwellers to wherever the invaders are going. You will see the health bar of dwellers over them. It is important to assist your hurt dwellers with MedPacks. A dweller dying could cut the development of your shelter and may bring you vulnerable to further attacks.

An advanced trick when fighting invaders is moving the fighter dwellers proactively. Invaders usually follow a simple pattern when changing rooms. Once you get the hang of it, moving dwellers to a room before invaders is a sure way to end the invasion quickly.

Another tip to make dealing with invasions in Fallout Shelter easier would be to place less important rooms nearer to the shelter exit. This way, you get to fight dwellers without losing as many resources, making recovery after the invasion easier.

After the Invasion

As you fight the invaders, they will die one by one. You can loot their corpses by tapping on them. Looting the invaders always gives you some CAPS with a chance to win weapons and equipment. Just don’t forget to collect them in a timely manner else they will disappear.

When all invaders die, the invasion is finalized and you can take a deep breath with the relief of having saved all your hard work. After an invasion, even if you move all your dwellers around like crazy, they will return to their original role before the invasion, you don’t need to reassign them. Happiness levels of your dwellers are likely to diminish during the invasion. It will rise back to the regular levels if they are all healthy.

You just learned how to deal with invasions in Fallout Shelter!

Good job. If you are new to the game, I can assure you that the relief of successfully defending against your first invasion is one of the best feelings, ever. The soothing feeling still happens even after hundreds of invasions but the first invasion is hard to forget.

We tried to share our knowledge on dealing with invaders in Fallout Shelter in this article. Do you know any better tricks or have your own strategy against them? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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