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Guide: Fallout Shelter mobile game

The Fallout series is a popular post-apocalypse themed game for non-mobile platforms. After seeing good popularity in the non-mobile platforms, the publisher has released , a mobile game with the same theme but in a very different genre – . In this guide, we cover the basic concepts you need to know to start your very own underground bunker! BTW, we have a review for Fallout Shelter too.

What is Fallout Shelter – Mobile Game?

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game in which the player is responsible for running a post-apocalypse world. They manage both the population (dwellers) and resources (energy, food, water). The game is available on both and platforms.

The game starts with a very small underground bunker with a vast area to expand to. The ultimate goal is building the biggest bunker. However, that does not come for free. Here is a short list of what the player needs to control.

Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

Dwellers are your population in the bunker. They run almost all tasks from generating resources to fighting against invaders. Each dweller has a health bar and a happiness percentage. Happier dwellers work more efficiently. Healthy dwellers are, well not dead.

You can get more dwellers by either accepting dwellers that randomly come to your bunker or by letting your current dwellers mate in the living room.

SPECIAL Traits of Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

Each dweller has seven traits that determine their efficiency working at different tasks;

  • Strength: Increases combat ability and efficiency in energy generating rooms.
  • Perception: Increases combat speed and efficiency in water generating rooms.
  • Endurance: Increases max health and efficiency in nuka-cola bottler room.
  • Charisma: Increases chance of mating to produce baby dwellers and efficiency in the radio room.
  • Intelligence: Increases efficiency at the med-bay room.
  • Agility: Increases chance to dodge to combat and efficiency in food generating rooms.
  • Luck: Increases chance to get higher rewards in combat.

Making sure you assign each dweller to the right room to get the most efficiency out of them will help you grow your bunker a lot faster.

Resources in Fallout Shelter


Caps are the in-game currency in Fallout Shelter. You can use them for multiple purposes such as building new rooms or upgrading existing rooms. You can earn caps from various sources such as successfully rushing a room, sending a dweller to explore or killing enemies.


Energy is one of the three main resources needed for your bunker to run smoothly. They are generated in special rooms with dwellers assigned to them. Each room consumes energy by a certain amount. If you generate less energy than you generate, rooms will start shutting down. Just be careful when building new rooms and you can avoid that.


Ths is another main resource in Fallout Shelter. Restaurants you build generate food when dwellers are assigned to them. If you start running out of food, dwellers will be unhappy and start losing HP.


Water is the last main resource that is needed. Just like food, you need to make sure that you are generating more water than you are consuming.

Events in Fallout Shelter

While developing your bunker, nothing is smooth sailing. Random events that need to addressed quickly occur randomly. While some are simple like fires which can be extinguished by non-pregnant adults, there are some invasions by enemies too.

In invasions, dwellers fight enemies with their weapons. If they don’t have any weapon equipped, they fight with their fists.

While dealing with events you need to keep your eye on a few things;

  • Make sure every dweller has a good weapon.
  • If their health does too low, assign the dwellers to another room and call in another dweller.
  • React to the events fast. Invasions consume your resources every second until defeated. Also, all events can spread to multiple rooms at the same time, making it much harder to defeat the event.

That was all for this beginners guide to Fallout Shelter mobile game. Hope you are having as much fun as we did playing the game. For a more advanced guide, check our guide on defending against invasion in Fallout Shelter.

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