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HCR2 Cars Tier List: What is the BEST CAR in Hill Climb Racing 2? [Updated 2019]

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Hill Climb Racing 2 is a great game played by many. Obviously, every player wants to win.

You need to beat your opponents somehow; let’s start with picking the best car for winning more races in HCR2.In this post, I will go over each and every vehicle, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses while also mentioning what maps they are good for.

UPDATE: I have updated this post on 2 January 2019 with the latest updates as well as more information on each car.

For beginners, let’s start with some smart tactics for when choosing a car.

After completing a few races, you will have enough money to upgrade your car. After a couple more games, you will have ranked up. A new car will be you will be able to purchase.

At that moment, you may be tempted to buy that. Don’t. Don’t because it is a terrible idea for winning races. Your starting Jeep is much stronger without any updates than most cars that will unlock at the start of the game.

Instead of buying the new car, it is a much better idea to upgrade your existing Jeep. In fact, upgrading the Jeep to maximum capacity before buying any car is the most simple way to ensure you win as many races as possible in (HCR2).

Overall, you should prefer upgrading your existing car instead of buying the next one. Because new cars come without any upgrades, your upgraded vehicle is already much faster. It takes a lot of time to earn enough coins to upgrade your new car. That time is better spent winning more races.

You will obviously need to upgrade after maxing the Jeep. You should aim to get a car from the S-Tier list below as your second car.

I have gone this route myself and ranked up much, much faster than my friends that started earlier than me. Their progress was very slow because they tried to fully upgrade every vehicle they got, even the inefficient ones. The slow and bad cars are listed under B and C tiers below. Those cars may be fun to race with but your probability of winning with them is not fun at all.

Now that the advice to keep upgrading one car instead of purchasing multiple vehicles is over, let me list the cars in Hill Climb Racing 2 from best to worst. These are my thoughts but they are more or less correlated with in-game win rates. If you have a different opinion, please share with me in the comments and I will make sure to respond you.

S Tier Cars in Hill Climb Racing 2

S Tier cars are the best of the best. They top the leaderboards in almost all maps. They are the last cars to be unlocked. They are also the most expensive to buy and upgrade. The highest ranks are full of these cars and reaching those ranks with these cars is much easier.

If you have been playing with a cheaper car for some time, using one of these cars will feel like flying on a private jet. Whether you are playing for competitive races or the fun of it, these cars will always be your best choice for a quick win.

The Supercar

This car is the latest addition to the game. It already looks great but the real joy comes when using this beast of a vehicle in a race. On top of its almost unbeatable speed, the Supercar’s acceleration and grip are just right.

It is not as stable as the Rally Car (below) but it is faster, at least on smoother maps. Thanks to its looks and driving style, it is the luxurious version of the Rally Car in some sense. They complete each other; it is possible to win in 95% of the maps with just the Supercar and the Rally Car.

Putting aside it’s awesome appereance, driving the Supercar feels like touching the smoothest silk in the world. Your first ride will feel like heaven, especially if you have been driving a cheaper car before.

Supercar has two unique upgrades that give it an edge over other cars; air brake and exhaust.

Air Brake will enable you to reach the ground by braking in the air. This means the car starts accelerating earlier, thus getting ahead of the other cars. This upgrade is especially powerful in races with a lot of hills. Spending less time slowly gliding in the air and more time actually racing on the ground gets you ahead.

Exhaust will skyrocket your acceleration. This upgrade plays very well with the Air Brake. They enhance each other, giving the supercar an edge over other cars.

hill climb racing 2 supercar vehicle
Supercar, probably the best car in the game

The Rally Car

This car was the best car until Fingersoft Games released the Supercar. The Rally Car still has some advantages, yet, Supercar is the better choice more often. As the former-best car in Hill Climb Racing 2, it still has some great features such as its speed, roll cage, and shape.  

The Rally Car’s speed isn’t bad at all. Although the car is a tad slower than the Supercar, the difference isn’t that much. The Formula has a much higher max speed, yet, the Rally Car accelerates much better.  

One unique feature of this car is its built-in roll cage. It can withstand many crashes. This enables its drivers to play riskier in tunnel-like races without dying. Most other cars need to either slow down or waste a part slot to get the roll cage. The Rally Car has an advantage over other cars in such maps.  

It may be a small detail but the Rally Car’s shape is more suitable for rough terrain than the other two cars in the S tier. This adds to its advantage from the roll cage and makes the car a viable choice for some races.

the rally car hill climb racing 2 best car
The former best car in the game. I am looking at you, Supercar!

The Formula

the formula car hill climb racing 2
Looks good to me!

The Formula is named after and looks like one of the best real-world cars. Yet, in Hill Climb Racing 2, its performance doesn’t quite hold up to that standard. Even though it has the highest max speed by far, the acceleration of this car is around C Tier.   The main advantage of The Formula is its max speed. In theory, that sounds like a great feature, but it is rare to reach the max speed in the game. There are lots of hills and obstacles in the game, making the ability to speed up faster much more important. In smooth races, this car will be able to get miles ahead of other cars. Unfortunately, such tracks aren’t common at all in Hill Climb Racing 2.    

Another thing to note is how hard it is to ride this car. The Formula can’t speed back up after a crash. To succeed with this car, you will need to drive it without crashing it. It may be hard to win a race with this car, but, it still makes the S Tier. This is due to its unbeatable performance in smooth tracks.

Best Car in Hill Climb Racing 2

And the winner is … The SUPERCAR

With great features all around, this beast of a vehicle is able to win most of the races, most of the time.

Now that you know the best car in the game, how about reading some Hill Climb Racing 2 tips & tricks to win more races? Or you could read the rest of this post to explore the other cars in the game.

All the cars below are secondary choices but if you have too many coins to spend, keep reading.

A Tier Cars in Hill Climb Racing 2

These cars aren’t the best yet it is still possible to win some races with them. You shouldn’t buy one of these until you get at least one car from the S Tier.

Super Diesel

A good car with over average stats but the stats alone aren’t enough to put it in the S tier.

Monster Truck

Just like Super Diesel in terms of stats. The monster tires give it an advantage on tracks with a rough ground as this giant vehicle can just run over them!

Dune Buggy

Great for short tracks with its ability to blitz forward at the start. The roll cage is also a plus but its stability and speed are not enough to push it to the S Tier. Still can be unexpectedly successful against other cars.


Although this is the starter car, it can win you races even in the challenger rank when fully upgraded and played well. The stats are B-tier but the cost efficiency carries it over to the A tier.

B Tier Cars in Hill Climb Racing 2

Not recommended at all. Only buy when you have nothing else spend money on.


Not a really useful vehicle but its unique skates are worth mentioning.


The in-game text says it all – “It’s a tank!”. Really fun to play but not really suitable for actual competitive racing. It can get stuck in the mines, be careful!

Super Jeep

Just an upgraded version of the classic old jeep. The roll cage it comes with lets you equip one more part but the roll cage being upgradeable doesn’t really help its stats.


Really fun car to drive with. As you lose passengers, your ride becomes a lonely one. If you really go ahead by crushing the car, you eventually become a monowheel!

When you really wanted to get the monowheel…


You can do some cool flip combos in the air but this car is not good at landing (nor winning races!).

C Tier Cars in Hill Climb Racing 2


Really hard controls, trash stats. Just a filler vehicle.


Now don’t get me wrong, this is the most fun vehicle in the game. Unfortunately is it the worst choice to win races.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a great game overall, and the best car is the Supercar.

What is your favorite car and why? Tell the internet what you think in the comments.


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  • Anonymous

    My favourite is the dune buggy because of its a

  • Cosmobot

    I love dune buggy I am in platinum 2 and it has maxed engine so I mostly race with legends
    But I was upgrading and using it from the time I unlocked it
    Best for me till now but u missed one car

    The sports car

  • Anonymous

    Technically though, the supercar is still hard to win races with if you hit the top of a hill or hit a steep incline if you do not upgrade the airbrake, and, it’s grip is not too good, which is why I prefer putting winter tires and fume boost on it, due to its very small fuel tank and bad grip, but it is still a very good car, I use it most of the time.

  • Justin

    Man I love the snow Mobil, I upgraded it just for fun. Coin boost, exhaust, and wings.

  • with the jeep i won many times, and it’s highly recommended

  • Festus97

    My favorite car by far is the rally car. It looks great, based on the ’08 WRX rally car, and is just an all-around great car. I am in the legendary rank and use it all the time. While it’s not the greatest for the soccer special events, I routinely school supercars with it in normal races. With the winter tires, wheelie boost, and start boost it’s awesome. Put it on Bill’s circuit with the overcharged turbo instead of the winter tires, and it’s unstoppable.

  • Rudi

    Yes, the super car is crazy fast but I find it very difficult to control. If you land on a bump in the wrong way it flips forward. There’s no way to straighten it and it ends up crushing. Not a good way to win races. I’ve maxed out the super Diesel and win many races at the legendary level with snow tires and wheely boost. The vehicles beeting me are mostly rally cars and motorcycles.

  • aklal

    actuly I’am at legendary and only win racing with the super diesel.
    The super diesel should be in s tier.

    • sinan_y

      Hello, thanks for your opinion. Super Diesel is definitely close to S-tier, however, the Rally Car beats Super Diesel in most maps. Let’s say that the Super Diesel is the best A-tier.

      • Rex-Dog

        I agree. Super Diesel takes me back to the monster truck in Uphill Racing 1. The SUPER DIESEL with maxed out suspection, Turbo, Nitrus for gas, —+ is outrageous and handles bumps and big big hits like a pro. Goes right through things other vehicles poun through. I’ve ski’ed this Super Diesel onto things other cars can’t dream of getting on to of. Months to build it totally out. But worth it.

  • Anonymous

    What about the SUPERBIKE?

  • Joseph Iol

    Superbike? It’s far better than supercar for sure. I win 99% of races with it, and only lose on maps with tall mountains and stuff like that, but by now beating most of them.

  • Anonymous

    I have a max upgraded scooter, very unhappy with you calling it “filler vehicle”, i am legendary 12 and win most races >:( you
    see, there is a tactic with the back wheel, if you hit the right spot when landing it sort of has this artificial suspension and just pushes your vehicle forward really fast which means most races with hills i can destroy even super diesels suspension wise

  • Anonymous

    Hello guys, I need advice I saved 800k gold and I need to decide what should I buy. I have buggy and I torn between supercar or superbike

  • Myzar

    Hi guys, I need an advice. I can’t decide between supercar and superbike, could you give me advice pls?

  • Aryan pandey

    Before formula after super car but i play most no. Of matches with rally car and won 98 percent of cups

  • Anonymous

    car is best i won 600 races from her

  • Anonymous

    I’m diamond 2 and I’m not doing too good ive just got rally but so far with rally im doing good ?
    Thanks for the advice

  • Andrew Hunt

    I have the green VIP skinned Rally Car. I was originally working the Super Diesel because it was one of the best in HCR1. Then there was a cheap offer for the rally car I couldn’t pass up. It’s night and day difference.

    My usual racing upgrades are the Snow Tires, Overcharged Turbo, and Landing Boost.

  • Shinjan Roy

    Dune buggy is the best unless competing against a fully upgraded supercar. I beat a supercar, a superbike AND a rally car ALL TOGETHER with my not-fully-upgraded dune buggy.

  • Emperor Wolf

    I use the rally car with coin boost and has can boost with the coin and has can magnet destroy people like crazy

  • not telling

    Dirt bike is awesome when upgraded. Very sad on where you put it in the list I won lots of cups with it and I am challenger. I got super car and it is barley better so far.

  • Tapio

    I think that the Dune Buggy should be in “S” Tier, when you upgrade half the car (even without roll cage) it is SUPER good, I beat most bosses with it, SUPER RECOMMENDABLE.

  • Anonymous

    Idk for some reasons when I started the game my goal was to get the scooter asap so I upgraded my scooter to lvl 18 all I love it best acceleration so far
    Now I switched to rally and maxed it cos less neck flips
    But I would always love to use the scooter

  • Anonymous

    Dune Buggy is the overall best Car !!!

  • CJ

    The super car is like an ironing board with wheels, it’s so rigid! It does occasionally beat my Rally car which is what I use most of the time. I win most races with it using the winter tyres, overcharged turbo and fuel boost which on some races I swap for the coin boost. It is the best all-round car imo.

  • Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  • Bob

    The supercar is extremely slow as of right now, even with the engine almost maxed out.

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