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Hill Climb Racing 2 Rank System: How Does It Work?

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Hill Climb Racing 2 is a really fun game, especially with the races. These races are new to the game and they bring the rank system with them. In this post, I will explain everything you need to know about the rank system in Hill Climb 2. You may also want to check out the Hill Climb Racing 2 Cars Tier List.

Races in the Game

When you start a multiplayer game, the game matches you with 3 other players. Each game has anywhere between 1 and 4 tracks. After all the tracks are finished, players are ranked based on their total success. While the first three players gain rank points, the last player loses some. You also get some coins based on your performance.

Your rank points determine your overall rank.

Also, at the end of every rank, you face a boss level with three tracks. If you manage to beat at least two of those tracks, you upgrade to the next rank. However, if you can’t beat the boss, you will lose a lot of rank points. Try to do your best in the boss race.

List of Ranks in

Bronze (0 – 9 999 Rank Points)

This is the rank every player starts at. Competition is usually quite low so ranking up from this point is not challenging at all. Just the starting jeep should be enough to climb out of the Bronze rank.

You can unlock the Scooter (requires 3 333+ rank points) and the Bus (requires 6 333+ rank points) in the Bronze rank.

Silver (10 000 – 19 999 Rank Points)

After beating the Bronze boss, you start competing in the Silver rank. Overall, other cars will be slow and incompetent. You may encounter a more advanced car once in a while but an upgraded Jeep should still be able to win most of the races in the Silver rank.

This ranks unlockable vehicles are the Super Jeep (requires 10 000+ rank points) and the Motocross (requires 13 333+ rank points).

Gold (20 000 – 29 999 Rank Points)

After defeating the Silver boss, you can compete in the Gold rank. In this rank, races start to get competitive. More advanced cars with great upgrades will be much more common. Thus, it can be challenging to win races. It is still possible to climb to Platinum rank with a greatly upgraded Jeep with good parts.

Another viable option at this rank is to buy the Dune Buggy. This car provides incredible cost efficiency. At the same time, it can hold up to par with the best cars, even in the Legendary rank!

This ranks unlockable vehicles are the Sports Car (requires 20 000+ rank points), the Dune Buggy (requires 23 333+ rank points) and the Monster Truck (requires 26 667+ rank points).

Platinum (30 000 – 39 999 Rank Points)

After beating the Gold boss, you can compete in the Platinum rank. This rank is where the races start to get competitive (and fun!). It is quite common to see advanced cars with great upgrades. Starting from this rank, you will need to pay more attention to the race as the results are usually determined by how many mistakes you make.

It is possible to reach the Diamond rank with your starting jeep if it is fully upgraded. Another viable option is the Dune Buggy from the Gold Rank. If you can comfortably win races, it is a good idea to save up coins until you unlock a car in the S Tier (see our Tier List of Cars in Hill Climb Racing 2 here)

This ranks unlockable vehicles are the Super Diesel (requires 30 000+ rank points), the Tank (requires 30 333+ rank points) and the Snowmobile (requires 36 667+ rank points).

Diamond (40 000 – 49 999 Rank Points)

After beating the Platinum boss, you can compete in the Diamond rank. This rank is where the races get real competitive. With the Rally Car and the Formula unlocking in the Gold Rank, you will be competing against two S Tier cars. That is no easy feat. Our Hill Climb Racing 2 tips and tricks post can help if you got stuck in this rank.

In this rank, it is a good idea to save up coins. In the Legendary Rank, you will unlock the Supercar (it is the best car in the game). As the best car overall, it is quite expensive.

This ranks unlockable vehicles are the Monowheel (requires 40 000+ rank points), the Rally Car (requires 43 333+ rank points) and the Formula (requires 46 667+ rank points).

Legendary (50 000+ Rank Points)

Beyond the Diamond rank, there is the legendary rank. There is no limit on how much rank points you can gather. There is a monthly competition based on your rank points and at the end of every month, you get a free legendary chest full of coins, diamonds and vehicle parts.

I don’t want to spoil the fun of reaching the Legendary rank and seeing the rewards for yourself. If you really want to learn the mysteries of the Legendary rank, tell me in the comments and I may write a post dedicated to Legendary rank. One thing I can tell you is that you can unlock the Supercar (which is in the S Tier in our Tier List of Cars in Hill Climb Racing 2) only by reaching this rank and it’s an awesome car!

Want to learn how to reach the Legendary rank? Check my Tier List for Hill Climb Racing 2 Cars.

What are your thoughts? Do you want to learn more about the Legendary rank? Comment below and let me know.

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  • Anonymous

    Since challenger i got 50 lev rally car. Now i am legendary 7 and still have the same rally car with the same equipment. I am winning still without problems. Is the game bugged? Why i dont meet better players with better cars? Seems no need to upgrade car anymore?

    • Rick M

      Because their matchmaking is all sorts of fucked up and it goes mostly off of the level of car you are using.
      You can simply downgrade and play like you did in Bronze!

  • Anonymous


  • Robert Bingham

    I would like to know if the rewards increase after achieving the legendary (50k points). For instance, I am at Legendary 17. will my chest be the same as if i had Legendary 1? What effects if any are there to gaining additional legendary ranks?

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