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Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips & Tricks : Winning MORE Races!

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Hill Climb Racing 2 is a great game played by millions. In the game, upgrading cars is obviously essential to winning more games. Even with that, you will need to play well. In this post, you will learn about the latest tips & tricks. You can use these tips and tricks to win more races.

Before the Race

As you climb through the ranks in the game, races will become harder. Your opponents’ cars will get better over time. Better cars are easier to win with. Making sure you have the best equipment possible is a sure way to win more races.
In Hill Climb 2, there are several choices you need to make. Making these choices well will improve your scores a lot. You need to have the right car with the correct upgrades. After reading this section, you will be ready to enter the race.

Choosing The Right Car

hill climb 2 cars jeep

Cheap yet powerful!

In the Tier List of Hill Climb Racing 2 cars, you can learn about every car in detail. For this post, I will go over the best cars only. Choosing the right car for your current rank and budget is also crucial. I will group cars based on your current rank. If you don’t know what rank you are in, check this post on ranks in Hill Climb Racing 2.

Cars to Use in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Ranks

In the starting ranks, your beginning Jeep should be enough to win most of the races. Buying any other cars at this stage isn’t worth it. Simply upgrading your Jeep as much as you will work much better. You should be spending all your money on upgrading your Jeep.

Cars to Use in the Platinum and Diamond Ranks

At this stage, most of your races will be competitive. For your car choice, you have two options. You can either keep going with the Jeep or upgrade to the Dune Buggy. Either choice is fine and will get you the highest ranks.

hill climb racing 2 tips tricks which car to buy dune buggy

The Dune Buggy

If you are winning races easily, you should probably keep going with the Jeep. This is also a good opportunity to start saving up on some coins. You will need those coins when you reach the Legendary rank to buy a better car.

If you are struggling in races, upgrading to the Dune Buggy is a good idea. This car is capable of reaching great speeds. You will have less money when you reach the Legendary rank. Yet, the Dune Buggy is powerful enough to win races in the Legendary rank.

Cars to Use in the Legendary Rank

This is the most competitive rank. The best cars with great upgrades are common. Choosing the right car is vital in this rank. There are three “S Tier” cars; the Supercar, the Rally Car and the FormulaThe best car from these depends on how rough the track is.

The Formula

the formula car hill climb racing 2

Looks good to me!

This has the highest max speed by far. Yet, the acceleration of this car trash. This makes the car really hard to drive. A simple mistake will make you lose the game. If you are greatly confident in your driving skills, it may be a viable choice. If you are not, look at your options below.

The Rally Car

the rally car hill climb racing 2 best car

Rally car stands out with its roll cage, enabling players to drive recklessly in underground tracks.  Other cars have to slow down before the bumps in the road. This gives the Rally car a clear advantage. Its stats are great too. Thus, it is a popular car in the Legendary rank. You can’t go wrong buying the Rally Car.

The Supercar

hill climb racing 2 supercar

The best car in Hill Climb Racing 2

Supercar is the best car in our Hill Climb Racing 2 cars tier list. It has great stats just like the Rally Car. Supercar stands out in clear maps with high hills. Its unique ability is less airtime meaning more time traveled at high speed. This effect gives the Supercar a special advantage in desert maps. It is a great idea to buy the Supercar if you have enough coins.

Upgrading Correctly

hill climb racing 2 which upgrade to choose

A fully upgraded car

New players tend to make mistakes while upgrading their car. Some players upgrade only the engine. Other players buy new cars instead of upgrading their existing cars. There are two tips while choosing the right upgrade;

Tip 1: Do NOT buy new cars if you have upgrades you can buy. The new car may look shiny, yet, your existing car will be much faster. This is the case because you already invested in your current car. Unless you are buying the Dune Buggy or the Supercar, buying a new car will only do harm.

Tip 2: Spread upgrades evenly. To get the most bang for your buck, you should purchase every upgrade. Simply buying each upgrade one by one will work wonders.

During the Race

Playing the game well is as important as choosing the right car. There is some luck involved in races, however, you can up your chances of winning by applying these tips & tricks.

Tip 1: Know Your Tracks

You have to know where a trap or a big bump is to avoid crashing. These crushes can slow you down up to 10 seconds. Avoiding a trap is a great way to get ahead of your opponents. You can easily learn all the traps on track by playing it a few times. After the learning period, you will find yourself avoiding all the traps. This leads to faster scores and more wins!

Tip 2: Perfect Landings

With all the bumps and hills on the road, you will jump a lot. Managing these jumps are vital for a better score. You want to land on both your wheels to start speeding up faster. Learning to use your break and gas pedals in the air is necessary to master this.

Tip 3: Practice

Not every skill can be taught, you need to learn some of it. Simply playing more games will get you better at the game. A trick to learn faster is playing the same track over and over. This will eliminate distractions and let you focus on learning to play better.


That is it for our tips and tricks in Hill Climb Racing 2. If you know anything we missed, please tell us below.

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