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Review: 2048 mobile game

uh oh. I guess this post is a little late. Like, around 2 years. I just found this post as a draft deep under all my posts. A little bit of nostalgia is good sometimes so here we go. I am talking about 2048, the once very popular game. There were many variations, fun skins, and memes about it.

What is 2048 the game?

It is a puzzle game first released to both and a few years ago. This puzzle game is seemingly easy. There is a 4×4 grid with one “2” block at the start. Every time you swipe one of the four main directions, all the blocks go to that direction and block pairs with the same value get merged in one block with the sum of the previous two numbers as the value. So two “2” blocks create a “4” block and 2 “4” blocks create an “8” block and so on.

After every swipe, a random “2” or “4” block appear anywhere empty. If the grid is full and there aren’t any possible merges, you lose the game. In the original game, creating a block would add the value to your overall score and the player would win when they create the 2048 block. That is the gist of the game.

Extensions of 2048 mobile game

Although the initial games’ goal was reaching the 2048 block, people who got there apparently wasn’t satisfied so they developed additional features. Here I will discuss those extensions.

Different grid sizes


There are now 9 tiles instead of 16. This version is much harder than the original game as even a little mistake may cost you the game in this mode, as well as an unlucky spawn. This grid size provided a good challenge to those who played it yet it wasn’t very popular.

5×5 and bigger

On grids bigger than 4×4, the game just gets really easy. Also boring. Also long. This is all because losing is really harder when you have lots of tiles to fill. Even when you fill up the whole board, there almost always is one possible merge, protecting you from having to restart. Personally, I believe going any bigger than the original 4×4 grid just kills the game. When there is no challenge, it isn’t fun.

Going beyond 2048

You got 2048 after learning some tricks about the game, and you are asking yourself, what now? Is it over? Looks like someone didn’t like that they couldn’t have the best score in the world so they invented the so-called 2048 Plus. It is the same game with the same rules except the fact that you can go as long as you can, as long as you hit the limit of the grid size. There are some sick best scores in this mode which take around 8 hours to manually play. For me, it gets boring after a while but that time is usually around when I get the “32768” block.

Undo in 2048

There are two opposite views on undoing in the game. While some say that it kills the fun, some say that it is necessary protect all the hard work. The undo button is included in some of the 2048 implementations. The trick is that you can undo only your latest move. So you can’t just say lets go 10 moves back.

I personally think that the undo button is necessary (as long as it allows only one undo) because there may be accidents when swiping or errors with the touch screen of the phone. Not losing the whole effort to one such mistake is nice without killing the challenge of the game.

My thoughts on the 2048 mobile game

Well, it is a nice, simple and popular mobile puzzle game but no matter how much extensions it gets, it gets boring after you reach the high scores. It is nice to obsess over for a few days or a about two weeks but no more. Do you still play 2048? Share in the comments 😉

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