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Review: 94% the Mobile Game

Today, I am going to present another survey app with you. But wait before thinking anything else! Because this time you won’t be the one answering questions, neither you will make surveys. This time you will try to find the answers given to the surveys. You just need to find the top 94%’s answer, that’s why the game is named as 94%.

94% is a quiz-based app that tests general knowledge. The objective of the game is to work through different levels by thinking up or identifying words/objects that meet certain specified criteria, or that are evident within a visual image. You need to think outside of box since you need to find the answers that other people gave to surveys. Skills needed to play are mostly based on general knowledge of various topics.

How to play 94%

After the installation of 94%, you just need to play the levels. Without completing at least one survey in each level, you can’t start the next level. But don’t worry levels aren’t that hard. In one level there are 3 questions. 2 of them ask you to find things about phrases that are written in front of you, however, the other one asks you to find things about a picture. The levels are fun and doable so you won’t get bored. The game gets a new update every other month so new levels are coming.

Also, there is an in-game currency in 94%. When you finish a survey in any level you get 50 coins and with these coins, you are able to buy hints for the questions you can’t do. But don’t worry about your coin amount. The game also sells these coins to you. But even better, we have an answer sheet for you! For the questions you couldn’t find the answers, we will provide the answers for you.

Fun Fact

The game is recommended by 94% of its users.

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