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Review: Egg Inc.

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It all started with Cookie Clicker’s web game. You could first click to earn cookies and then hire cursors and grandpas to earn cookies for you. We are well past that era in games. Whatever you can think of probably has an game right now. Such as eggs! The particular game we will review in this post is Egg, Inc. It is available in both and phones and it has over 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone.

What is Egg Inc.?

It is an idle game about, well, eggs. Also chickens! This game is not like any other idle game, it has really interesting concepts as an idle game.

The basic concept of Egg Inc.

You own a chicken farm in the game. Everytime you tap, you will hatch one chicken which will start running to one of the chicken buildings in which it will start producing eggs. These eggs are then sold by your egg-carrying filo.

Your hatchery has a certain capacity and a refill rate, you will have to wait after hatching all the chickens. This hatchery concept makes the game stand out from the crowd of idle games.

Of course, you can buy upgrades to your chicken farm with the cash you earn.

Eggs and farm selling in Egg Inc.

Your farm value is calculated with various variables such the current amount of chicken, their egg laying rate and their eggs’ value. After it reaches certain values, you can sell your farm and upgrade to a chicken farm of a different type. The only difference is that your new egg will be worth around 4 or 5 times more compared to the previous. This is what enables real progression in the game.

Starting a new farm resets all your upgrades yet it is quite easy to get back because you will be earning 5 times more than before. The increase in the egg value lets you build much bigger chicken farms each you start again.

Prestige system in Egg Inc.

Separate from selling your chicken farm, you can also prestige. Doing this will give you precious soul eggs which permanently increase your egg value. These soul eggs are not lost after selling your farm or doing prestige. With each giving a +5% bonus to your egg value, gathering as much as soul eggs are fundamental to progression in the game.

The number of prestige eggs you get per reset depends on how big your farm is. It is best to wait until you get at least around 300 soul eggs before going prestige.

Drones and gifts in Egg Inc.

Randomly one of your transport cars will drop a gift pack. Also, drones will fly across the screen randomly. Tapping these drones let you gather their rewards. Both of these rewards give you a multiple of your cash per second. These rewards are essential to your growth, especially in the later stages of the game.

Graphics of the game

In addition to its unique features as an idle game, this game has really fun 3D graphics. It is borderline addicting to hatch all the eggs in the hatchery and then watch the chicken flock run to their houses while the hatchery refills. It makes waiting “idly” much less boring.

Advertisements in the game

Only if you want to. This is another game that showcases how games should be developed these days. There are no forced ads in the game. You can choose to watch a 30-second video ad to receive x2 multiplier on your earnings for two hours. There are in-game purchases too, but you don’t need to pay a dime to progress until the end and beyond.

Overall thoughts on Egg Inc.

All things summed up, this game is great with unique features for an idle game. This is a nice breath of fresh air with all the duplicate idle games in the app store with forced ads every minute. The game deserves having multi-million downloads and it got what is deserved and more.

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