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Review: Euclidea the Mobile Game

When you were in high school, were you good at geometry? Yes? That’s great! No? Well, wanna give it another chance?

Today we’ll dive into Euclidea. An game that is based on geometry. You need to know some basic geometry facts before playing this game. But don’t worry, the game offers help!

Every hour you can ask for help and choose the type of your help. You can ask for basic facts, the way to the answer or is there any other possible answers.

Main Tools of Euclidea

  • The Dot Tool

You can use this tool as your final movement. Normally you don’t need to use this tool but sometimes the game asks you to define the exact place.

  • The Line Tool

This is one of the main tools in the game. With this, you can do lots of moves and produce various polygons.

  • The Circle Tool

This is the last main tool of the game. As you can’t produce circle from line tool.

There are other tools too. But before using those tools, you need to make these with other tools so the game teaches you the logic of other tools.

The Solving Methods in Euclidea

The aim is solving the game with 3 stares or 4 if you can! You get the first star when you solve the game. For the “L” star and “E” star, you need to finish the game under the usage limit of “L”s or “E”s. The last star is an optional one. If there is a symmetry you need to find it and there you go! You get the “V” star.

Final Thoughts

I think Eucledia is an okay game. If you are interested in maths or geometry, it’s nice to play it. Have a good time while recreating the fundamentals of Euclidean Geometry!

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