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Review: Fallout Shelter mobile game

The Fallout series is a popular post-apocalypse themed game for non- platforms. After seeing good popularity in the non- platforms, the publisher has released , a game with the same theme but in a very different genre – . We have already shared a beginners guide with you. This post will be a review of the game.

What is Fallout Shelter – Mobile Game?

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game in which the player is responsible for running a post-apocalypse world. Players need to manage both the resources (such as energy, food, water) and the population (called dwellers) of their shelter. The game is available on both and .

You start the game with a quite (and quiet) small underground bunker with a vast area laid before you to expand into. Fallout Shelter’s ultimate goal is building the biggest bunker.

The Gameplay in Fallout Shelter

Constant Action

Running the bunker is very fun, I don’t remember being bored playing this game. That is mainly because there is constant action; whether it be something that needs your attention, an invasion by enemies or an opportunity for a big reward.

One unique aspect of the game is that room building don’t take any time. This changes the gameplay much more than you would think.

There is no having too many resources but not being able to spend it. There is no waiting days and days before you can upgrade another building (cough cough I am looking at you Clash of Clans). You simply don’t worry about those things.

Is the game too easy? NO WAY. It is just that the difficulty is not the form of boring constructions that take multiple days. Instead, you constantly and actively fight against invasions. There are multiple types of attacks that unlock as you progress and you better be prepared with your weapons. These invasions can actually kill dwellers (your population), setting you back several days or even a few weeks.

Animations that Make You Watch

Your dwellers that run your shelter are in constant movement. They move around, work and socialize. While doing these, they have fun-to-watch animations that actually make you watch. It is a great joy when the couple you have been watching for 2 minutes start dancing.

The visuals in the game are great. That is good for you because you probably will be playing the game more and more – at least we did.

Advertisements in Fallout Shelter


There are no ads in the game. That is rare nowadays with almost all mobile games having annoying 30-second video ads. Fallout Shelter has none of them.

Of course, the developers need to make money somehow. That is why there are in-game purchases in the game. Even those are not aggressive. They don’t affect the gameplay much and they are fair priced.

I believe that Fallout Shelter is doing something more mobile games need to. They don’t cover a great game with greed. Instead, they let it shine while also getting their fair cut.

Overall Thoughts

As if it isn’t clear enough, I will restate it; I LOVED Fallout Shelter. It falls out of the norms in an elegant way. The game does multiple things better than all of the other games out there. First, it is actually action-packed. Secondly, you can play the game freely without being bombarded with annoying video ads. That alone is probably enough for the game to stand out of the pack.

That is it for our Fallout Shelter review. If you have a question in mind, just drop it below.

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