Helix Jump gameplay

Review: Helix Jump the mobile game

The audience that plays mobile games has been growing more and more lately, with more “” games picked up by casual gamers. Games that go viral usually reach the 1 million download mark. Some even reach 5 million downloads. While these are not so uncommon, games with over 10 million downloads are still quite rare. One of them just emerged and it’s called Helix Jump. Let’s dive in deeper.

What is Helix Jump?

It is a simple arcade game with really simple controls and only game mode. The player controls a constantly jumping ball on multiple circle disks. These disks have holes in them and some parts of these disks are “red” and end the game when touched. Game controls and the objective is pretty clear; you move the ball to the left or right by swiping and the goal is to reach the bottom of the level.

Scoring in Helix Jump

Scores are given when you pass a disk. As you finish levels, the number of points you get per disk increases. There is no end to the game; you can go as far as you can.

Special Move in Helix Jump

One extra point of the game is that if you pass through multiple disks without touching any of them, you gain speed and break the disk while also becoming invincible till the next disk. This lets you finish levels quickly if you can master the technique but if you fail and touch a disk too soon, you risk dying.

Our thoughts on Helix Jump

Visuals of Helix Jump

While the game itself is pretty good as a time killer, the visuals are a bit unpolished. There are some visual glitches when playing the game that may distract the player. Also, colors are not in harmony and just cause strain to the eyes. Honestly, we expected more from a game with so many downloads.

Ads in Helix Jump

Another downside is the ads between games. There are unskippable 30-second video adverts between most games which forces the player to either restart the app or go on airplane mode before playing Helix Jump. We get that developers need to earn money too but the same could be achieved with more user-friendly ads.

Overall, while Helix Jump has more than 10 million downloads, there are better games out there. The gameplay gets dull after a while because the difficulty is always the same. I would suggest just uninstalling Helix Jump and playing another game.

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