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Review: Hill Climb Racing 2 | Hill Climb Racing meets Multiplayer!

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Hill Climb was a very popular game. It had a huge player base with millions of downloads. The developers of the game have now released the sequel, . It takes on the best features of the former game while also adding lots of fun features! Some of these are;  races, better visuals and fun events. It is available to download on both and smartphones. I’ve played it and loved it! Let’s dive into what’s new, what I liked and what I disliked.

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What is Hill Climb Racing 2?

There are multiple game modes you can choose from (see below). The basis of the gameplay is always the same; you have a car and you need to drive it, as fast as possible.

You control your car with two pedals; one for the gas and the other for braking. These pedals also let you turn mid-air. Gas is for turning counter-clockwise and braking turns you clockwise. Although these controls are simple, one small mistake may lose you the game. This is mostly due to how rough the terrain is in the game.

Close one!

Your car also has a fuel tank that depletes as your ride. Different cars have different fuel capacities. On average, they deplete in 30 seconds without any upgrades. You can raise this to up to 90 seconds with a fully upgraded fuel tank.

If the driver touches anywhere, you lose the race. This can become a huge problem in tracks with ceilings. Running out of fuel is another reason you may lose the game. Interestingly, your car will keep going with its existing speed. You can’t speed up the car up in this duration, yet, if the car collects fuel, you can keep driving! Such moments are breath-taking.


Once you win a few races and earn some coins, it is upgrade time! There are four different categories to upgrade your car. Each upgrade improves your car in a unique way. Each upgrade starts at level 1 and can be improved up to level 20.

hill climb racing 2 which upgrade to choose

A fully upgraded car!

Upgrading your car is essential to winning races. In fact, we gave important tips on our Hill Climb Racing 2 tips & tricks post. Those tips are used by top players to win more races so make sure you read it.

Not all cars have the same upgrades. More advanced cars usually have unique and powerful upgrades. Here are the most common upgrades and what they do.

Engine: This is the most generic upgrade. It improves your acceleration and max speed.

Grip: This helps the engine actually speed the car up. Also helpful in steep hills.

Suspension: Its effects may not be felt immediately. Still, this upgrade can be a game changer in competitive races.

AWD: This is helpful for stability in rough tracks. It is a good idea to keep this at the same level with other upgrades.


As with most other games, you can customize your looks! You can choose to improve either your character or the car itself. These have absolutely no effect on the race itself. Still, it is more fun to race in a golden formula rather than a rusty jeep! Most customizations can be obtained as random gifts from chests. You can also unlock them with in-game payments.

hill climb racing 2 customization screenshot

Looking good!

While customizing your character, there are 3 parts of the body you can change. These are your face, torso and legs. Although there are sets of appearances, you are not limited by them. It is possible to select parts from different sets to create your unique racer.

Car optimization options are more limited. There are only 2 parts to change and those are the car itself and its wheels. Still, each car has its own customization options. You always have plenty of options to choose from!

Multiplayer in Hill Climb Racing 2

The hottest feature of the new game is the multiplayer mode, which is completely new. One little caveat is that other players in multiplayer cups are not live, you race against the ghosts of their previous scores. Because of this, you can now pause multiplayer games! This confused me a little when I first discovered it. I think being able to pause a game is worth it. However, some players believe that this kills the thrill of multiplayer races. It is up for you to decide

The new rank system that comes along with multiplayer is really nice too. You can win additional rewards for racing in multiplayer mode. As you level-up ranks, you will get harder opponents. Also, you will face a boss once in a while. You can read more about that on our guide to ranks in Hill Climb Racing 2.

In-game Economy in Hill Climb Racing 2

The game is more monetized with the addition of the diamond currency along with the usual coinsUpgrading vehicles are the same as the original game with 4 upgradeable per vehicle.

You can earn coins from races and chests. Chests come in multiple forms and give different rewards. All chests contain some coins as well as some vehicle parts. They also have a small chance to give you diamonds. While opening some chests, you will get the opportunity to watch a video ad to earn an additional, unknown bonus.

You can earn chests after winning races. You need to open them to earn their rewards. Opening a chest can take anywhere from 3 hours to 24 hours. You can only open one chest at a time. Also, you only have three chest slots available. You can’t earn additional chests from races while all of your slots are

You keep the coins you collect in any game mode. Adventure (solo) maps are great for farming coins. As you go farther, you will get higher coin rewards. If you can master an adventure map with a good car, you can farm a good amount of coins by repeatedly playing.

You get some free coins and diamonds as well as a simple chest every day. Unfortunately, you don’t earn much from these bonuses. They are mostly designed to make you play the game every day.

In-App Purchases

FingerSoft also offers diamonds and coins for real money. You will commonly see new packages for discounted prices on the shop. These packs give you the latest cars as well as exclusive skins. The skins are the main appeal of In-App Purchases. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you want to pay or not. Paying for some beginner packs can get you to the higher ranks faster. However, getting there without paying any money is possible.

Vehicle Parts in Hill Climb Racing 2

Another new feature is that you can modify the vehicles with parts which add unique effects. They are obtained from chests per car and can be upgraded for coins if you have enough of the parts.

There are some really cool parts with unique effects. My favorite is the roll cage, which protects your drivers for a set amount of hits. It is quite handy for tunnel-like tracks.

Vehicle parts enable you to fine-tune your cars for specific tracks, giving you the advantage in competitive races. There are only two factors left after your car is maxed-out; vehicle parts and play skill. That is why parts are necessary if all upgrades are maxed out

You can use parts to fix a car’s weaknesses. You can also use them to improve your car’s strengths. This is a strategic decision that should depend on the map and your car.

Overall, vehicle parts add a strategic element to the game and make highly competitive matches even more interesting.

Events in Hill Climb Racing 2

There is usually a competition going on in the game. These cost a ticket to enter and one ticket last 3 minutes. During the 3 minutes, you attempt to get the best score you can.

Your goal changes from event to event. It could be flying the longest, finishing the fastest or landing the farthest. At the end of each race, you will get tokens based on your performance. These tokens can be used during the competition to purchase big chests.

You get a free ticket every 24 hours. Considering that the tickets last 3 only minutes, you will need to pay some diamonds if you want to get serious rewards in these events. Even if you don’t pay, these races are usually fun so enjoy it!

Other Features

Tune: More than 14 unique tuning parts to drive faster!
Explore: Race in different environments such as desert, asphalt, snow and more!
Great Graphics: Looks great on all types of devices
Social: Challenge your friends and show them who the boss is!
Compete: Climb the leaderboards, win races to become #1

Download Links

iOS users, download the game here!

Android users, download the game here!

Microsoft users, download the game here!

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Final Thoughts

Hill Climb Racing 2 is out with lots of new features, and I liked it a lot! The new features add a lot to the fun of the game, especially the multiplayer mode in which you try to be the best. Have you played Hill Climb Racing 2 yet? What do you think?

Also see our car tier list, ranks explanation, and moon event explanation.

Official Trailer for the game

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