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Review : Hill Climb Racing 2

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Hill Climb was one of the funniest games on phones. But now, prepare yourself for more offroad fun with Hill Climb Racing’s sequel, It is available to download on both and smartphones. I’ve played it and loved it! Let’s dive into what’s new, what I liked and what I disliked.

in Hill Climb Racing 2

The hottest feature of the new game is the multiplayer mode, which is completely new. One little caveat is that other players in multiplayer cups are not live, you race against the ghosts of their previous scores. Because of this, you can now pause multiplayer games! This confused me a little when I first discovered it, but after realizing the benefits of this feature, I liked it.

The new rank system that comes along with multiplayer is really nice too. You can win additional rewards for racing in multiplayer mode. Speaking of rewards;

In-game Economy in Hill Climb Racing 2

The game is more monetized with the addition of the diamond currency along with the usual coins. Also, winning multiplayer races will grant you chests that you can unlock one at a time. Upgrading vehicles are the same as the original game with 4 upgradeable per vehicle.

Another surprise was the introduction of chests which contain money, parts to upgrade your car with and sometimes diamonds.

Vehicle Parts in Hill Climb Racing 2

Another new feature is that you can modify the vehicles with parts which add unique effects. They are obtained from chests per car and can be upgraded for coins if you have enough of the parts.

There are some really cool parts with unique effects. My favorite is the roll cage, which protects your drivers for a set amount of hits. It is quite handy for tunnel-like tracks.

Final Thoughts

Hill Climb Racing 2 is out with lots of new features, and I liked it a lot! The new features add a lot to the fun of the game, especially the multiplayer mode in which you try to be the best. Have you played Hill Climb Racing 2 yet? What do you think?

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