Newton gravity puzzle game

Review: Newton the mobile gravity puzzle

I always loved the challenge of games with unique concepts. Today, I am happy to share one of my favorite games; Newton. The game is available to download on both and for free.

What is Newton?

It is a puzzle game in which your goal is to carry the ball to the endpoint. Nothing special here. What is special about this game is its gravity system. Every level is circular and moving objects in the level(including the ball) are affected by gravity towards the lower end of the screen.

You control the level by turning the level around its center which causes all the objects in the level to move because of the gravity, which is towards the lower end of the screen.

I quite enjoyed playing with this control because it was something I wasn’t used to – it challenged my thought process.

My Thoughts on Newton

Levels and Difficulty in Newton

I found both the number of levels and the difficulty of those levels to be just right. While the first few levels act as a tutorial to the game’s controls, each new level provided a nice challenge – not too easy, not too hard.

Another aspect of Newton’s levels I really enjoyed was that it looks like there are multiple ways to finish each level while usually only one of them is the correct way while the other will cause you to die.

Ads in Newton

This game is developed by an indie game developer and in the game,┬áthere aren’t many ads and those ads are not intrusive. I didn’t turn on the airplane mode of my phone just to support the awesome developer for developing this fun game.

Also, I believe that a game without too many ads is worth appreciating.

Overall, I believe this game is a great puzzle game. For puzzle game fans like me, it is a must-try. It provides unique and fun challenges for those who like playing puzzle games. I think you will enjoy playing the game too. I also liked that the developer didn’t cram the game with ads. Instead, the ads were quite “nice”.

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