SCUM early access game review

Review: SCUM, a Promising Survival Game

Do you like games?  If you do, will take your joy to the next level.  Gamepires and Croteam are announcing the new level of realism in games with their new game: SCUM

Survival-type games are usually based on two factors: Starvation and thirst. However, SCUM comes with incredible innovations that will change the rules. In SCUM, there are lots of factors that will determine the fate of the game.

You start the game as a prisoner, who is sent to an island with other people, trying to survive on an island, which is the subject of a TV show. By completing activities you get reputations from the people watch you. And you can use the reputation for buying nutrients, supplemental reinforcements and equipment to help you survive and cope with the difficulties.

SCUM will take the survival games to a new era!

There is no other game that has a similar character tracking screen that SCUM has! It has the most detailed character management in survival-type games until now. Forget the other games. This time you will control everything! 

The game shows you the amount of vitamins and minerals that your character needs to consume. As well as calorie intake and spending, the muscle and fat mass, stomach volume and better information on which nutrition you need. The metabolism mechanics are by far the closest to the real. And players have to act accordingly to it. In pre-alpha tests, gamers have had a chance to browse for the first time. One of the testers said, “This is the most realistic survival game I have played. I love it! The details make the game more enjoyable and closer to the reality. It will be my favorite game when it’s out.”

The Mechanics of SCUM

SCUM’s survival mechanics aren’t only based on the dilemma of eating or dying. When you eat a food, the physical characteristics of your character will be directly affected. It is a necessity to follow the protein and carbohydrates entering the body. With this, you can build your character as you desire. If you want your character to be heavy and strong, then it is imperative that you make foods and movements that affect muscle structure accordingly.

Every action of yours will have an effect on your character. If your character fights with someone and you get wounded, the fight wounds will have a negative affect your physical stats and your organs will deform. For example; if your mouth gets a hard hit, some of your teeth may fall down and this will affect both your diet and health. You won’t be able to consume some meals and this will break the balance of nutrition on your body.

Final Thoughts

Adding a serious franchise system on top of all this, it seems that a very impressive production will come out. Steam will offer the game’s beta version in the near future. I am planning to play this game when the beta version comes out. What are your ideas? Do you like the game? Do you think the game will be successful with these promising features? Just watch a part of the introduction of the game and decide it for yourself. If you are going to play this survival game. Share your opinions with us in the comment section!

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