Terraria NPCs Ultimate | How to Get Them [23 NPCs]

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is a great game available on many platforms. I am writing this guide series on to help beginner players. In this post, we will go over how to get each NPC.

This guide is quite lengthy, you can jump to any specific NPC using these links;

Important note for all NPCs

After you meet their requirements, there needs to be a suitable house for them to move in. A suitable house has;

  1. A light source,
  2. Background walls,
  3. Enclosed walls covering an area of at least 4 tiles by 9 tiles,
  4. A crafting station,
  5. A chair.

How to get the Guide?

He is the only NPC that starts in the world. If he dies, just having a suitable house is enough for him to spawn.


How to get the Merchant?

For the merchant to spawn, all players in the world must have a total wealth of at least 50 silver coins. This amount of money can be easily farmed in the early game. Killing slimes and opening chests as well as pots should get you enough gold in one in-game day.


How to get the Nurse?

When any player in the world has more than the 100 maximum HP and the Merchant NPC (above) is alive, the Nurse will spawn. In practice, you need to find and consume a Heart Crystal,found in underground caves. Every heart crystal will increase your max HP by 20 and enable the nurse to spawn the next morning. Life crystals are also crucial for game advancement. They allow you to gather up to 400 max health.

How to get the Demolitionist?

Having an explosive in your inventory is enough for the Demolitionist. The easiest way to get one is cracking pots in the underground. There is also a chance that a grenade or a bomb will spawn in a chest. A short period of time exploring the underground should be enough to get him.

How to get the Dryad?

Her special rule is having defeated any boss other than King Slime and the Wall of Flesh. Almost all the time, this boss will be the Eye of Cthulhu. Another possibility is the “evil” bosses. That is Eater of Worlds if you are in a Corruption world or Brain Cthulhu if you are in a Crimson world.

How to get the Dye Trader?

His special rule to spawn is a bit complicated. First, you need to have a material that can be crafted into a dye in your inventory. You also need to either have a strange plant or defeat one of the significant pre-Hardmode bosses. These are the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron and the Eye of Cthulhu.

 The first rule can be passed by harvesting a Yellow Marigold which commonly grow on the surface. For the second part, either of the options is valid but obtaining a strange plant is less risky. You just need to explore the underground caves for a while.


How to get the Tavernkeep?

The requirement to get the Tavernkeep is a bit different from the other NPCs. After defeating either the Brain of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds, he will randomly spawn near you. He will look like an unconscious man lying on the ground. After talking to him, he will become the Tavernkeep NPC.

If there are no vacant houses for him at this stage, he will wander around and may die. Yet, this is not a problem as he will spawn as usual; you won’t need to find him every time he dies.


How to get the Arms Dealer?

He will spawn if you have a gun firing bullets or bullets themselves in your inventory. This usually means exploring the Corruption/Crimson with some bombs. Another way is to open chests underground. Although very rare, it is possible to get the Arms Dealer this way.


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How to get the Stylist?

The requirements to get the Stylist is a bit different from the other NPCs. She will randomly spawn in nearby spider nests underground as a webbed stylist on the ground. After talking to her, she will become the Stylist NPC. Getting her may be difficult because of all the spiders in their nests. As they are tough enemies, you may not be able to reach the Stylist alive. They are also a threat to the Stylist herself; if she dies, you can’t get her.

If there are no vacant houses for her after you free her, she will wander around and may die to the spiders. But, after freeing her once, she will spawn usually; you won’t need to free her each time she dies.

How to get the Painter?

Once you have more than 6 NPCs in your base, he will spawn. In the mobile version of Terraria, only 4 NPCs are enough. Because he doesn’t add much to the game combat-wise, no special effort is necessary for him to spawn. Just going on with the natural progress of the game will be enough for him to spawn.

How to get the Angler?

You will need to find and free him at the Ocean to get him as an NPC. This is like the Stylist and the Tavernkeep. Oceans are at the left and right edges of the world so he is straightforward to find. But, navigating all the surface may be difficult with early game equip.

How to get the Goblin Tinkerer?

His special rule to spawn is defeating the Goblin Army event. After defeating the event, he will randomly spawn around the player in nearby caves. This is exactly like how the Tavernkeep or the Stylist spawns.

How to get the Witch Doctor?

The player needs to defeat the Queen Bee to get the Witch Doctor in Terraria. Queen Bee can be found at bee hives in the underground jungle. Unless the character is in expert mode, it is a straightforward battle.

How to get the Clothier?

The Clothier will only spawn after defeating the Skeletron. According to the Terraria story; he is cursed by the Skeletron and is the Old Man in the entrance of the dungeon. Defeating the Skeletron frees him from the curse and allows the Clothier to spawn as an NPC.

How to get the Mechanic?

The players must find and free her in the Dungeon for her to spawn. To explore the dungeon, the player has to summon and defeat the Skeletron. Otherwise, the player will be one-shot by the skull before being able to venture into the dungeon.

How to get the Party Girl?

Her spawn condition is luck-based; when there are 13 other NPCs, she has a 1 in 40 chance to spawn every morning. This makes obtaining the Party Girl a random event rather than a success. As she is just a vanity NPC, this isn’t of much concern.


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How to get the Wizard?

He is like the Mechanic or the Stylist; you need to find the Wizard while exploring the vastness of Terraria. He will only appear after you defeat the Wall of Flesh. Freeing him once will let him spawn freely; you won’t have to rescue him every time.

How to get the Tax Collector?

The Tax Collectors’ need to spawn is as unique as his interaction. The player must travel to the Underworld and use Purification Powder ona a Tortured Soul. The Tortured Soul will then become the tax collector. Tortured Soul is a rare enemy resembling the Tax Collector himself. You can purchase the necessary Purification powder from the Dryad.

How to get the Truffle?

The Truffle will spawn when there is a suitable house in the surface glowing mushroom biomes. Don’t forget that the Truffle will only move in after you have defeated the Wall of Flesh.


Surface glowing mushroom biomes don’t spawn naturally. The player will need to create an artificial one. You can easily do this by placing around 100 mud blocks together. Planting a single glowing mushroom seed is enough for the biome to grow. The seed will spread by itself and will allow the Truffle to spawn.


How to get the Pirate?

After defeating the Pirate Invasion, the Pirate will spawn. The Pirate Invasion event occurs randomly after the Wall of Flesh is defeated. His items aren’t necessary for game progress. Still, some of the items in his shop are fun items worth checking out.

How to get the Steampunker?

Upon defeating one of the mechanical bosses, the Steampunker will spawn. It doesn’t matter which one you defeat. Usually, the Destroyer is seen as the easiest of the three.

How to get the Cyborg?

The Cyborg will spawn after the player defeats the Plantera. The player can fight it after defeating all the three Mechanical Bosses. Cyborg is usually the last NPC a player gets.

How to get the Santa Claus?

You need to defeat the Frost Legion as a prerequisite. Even after you defeat the event, he will only spawn between December 15 and 31 (the Christmas season). After that, he will die and won’t spawn until the next Christmas season. You can change your computer’s time settings to get past this rule.

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