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Terraria NPCs Ultimate | What They Do [23 NPCs]

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is a great game popular on many platforms. It is one of my all-time favourites. I have compiled this guide series for Terraria to help beginner players. This particular post goes over what each NPC does.

This guide is quite lengthy, you can jump to any specific NPC here;

What does the Guide do?

what does terraria guide NPC do?He does what his name says; guiding the player. When talked to, the Guide tells random tips for beginners. His second interaction lets you see what you can craft with a specific item. To use this, drag the item to the slot that appears after you click “Crafting” in his speech bubble. When threatened, he fights with a wooden bow and regular arrows. He isn’t especially useful other than being a requisite to spawn the Wall of Flesh.

What does the Merchant do?

what does terraria merchant NPC do?As one of the earliest NPCs the player will get, he sells items essential for survival in the early game. Mass-buying torches from the Merchant is more efficient than farming for them. The same holds true for Health and Mana potions, ropes, glowsticks and arrows which he all sells. Also, being the earliest NPC with a shop, it enables the player to sell excess items for money.

What does the Nurse do?

what does terraria nurse NPC do?She is a unique NPC as she doesn’t have a shop from which the player can buy and sell items. Instead, she has a unique interaction; she can heal you up to full health and remove all your debuffs for some money. The nurse is most useful when your base is under attack – that is during events and boss fights. Her interaction is very affordable, the price isn’t a concern compared to the benefit – survival. The nurse can also heal herself and other NPCs with dagger-like projectiles. Her healing is usually enough to keep all the NPCs alive as they defend themselves.

What does the Demolitionist do?

what does terraria Demolitionist NPC do?He is another simple NPC with a shop in which the player can buy explosives such as grenades and bombs. During combat, he uses grenades which pack quite a punch. He works wonders against a cluster of enemies with the area of effect damage. He is effective during events where enemies come in a swarm. A great example to this would the Blood Moon.

What does the Dryad do?

what does terraria dryad NPC do?

Dryad in Terraria is all about three “evil” biomes in the game; the Hallow, the Crimson, and the Corruption. She has a shop in which she sells items for cleansing the world of these biomes as well as spreading them. Her interaction reports the current percentage of evil biomes in the current world.

Her combat ability is also unique; instead of fighting with a weapon, she channels when enemies are nearby. She gives armour to the player and tiny health regeneration to friendly characters. She also deals a tiny amount of damage to all enemies in a large range every second.

What does the Dye Trader do?

what does terraria dye trader NPC do?He is another vendor NPC that you can buy and sell items from. Also, he has a unique interaction allowing the player to exchange Strange Plants for dyes. The player receives three animated dyes of the same random type for ea. The Dye Trader is vanity related and thus doesn’t affect gameplay.

What does the Tavernkeep do?

what does terraria tavernkeeper NPC do?Introduced with the Old Man’s Army event; the Tavernkeep functions as a gateway to the event. He sells the Eternia Crystal Stand and Eternia Crystals which are both needed to start the Old Man’s Army event. He sells powerful sentry towers in exchange for “Defender Medals”. It is a currency unique to the event, dropped by enemies in the event. Items dropped from enemies in the event are also very powerful.

What does the Arms Dealer do?

what does terraria arms dealer NPC do?He is another vendor NPC – he has a shop in which you can buy and sell items in exchange for coins. He sells fundamental guns and ammo for the ranged class. Getting the Arms Dealer is a great milestone for ranged players. During combat post-WoF, he uses the popular mini shark, dealing a lot of damage to enemies nearby.

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What does the Stylist do?

what does terraria stylist NPC do?She has a shop and a unique interaction that allows the player to change their hairstyle. The Stylist sells hair dyes in her shop. Although she doesn’t aid the player in his/her adventures, she is a nice addition to the variety of NPCs in Terraria.

What does the Painter do?

what does terraria painter NPC do?He is yet another vendor NPC, specializing in paints and paintings. Items he has for sale doesn’t help the player combat. Still, they are nice-looking additions to any building in Terraria. His items are essential to players enjoying creating gorgeous buildings.

What does the Angler do?

what does terraria angler NPC do?

The Angler is one of the few NPCs that do not have a shop. His interaction is his daily fishing quests. Every day, he will have a different quest asking the user to bring a special quest fish caught in a specific biome. When you give him the quest fish, he awards the player with useful items. These are usually related to fishing but you may get some gold coins or vanity equipment as well.

His quests can be completed only on the day they were given, you can’t complete past quests. Also, the quest fish can only be caught when there is an active quest for it.

What does the Goblin Tinkerer do?

what does terraria goblin tinkerer NPC do?Besides his shop that sells various accessory-related items, he has a unique interaction called “Reforge”. Reforging randomly changes any weapons or accessories’ modifier for a certain gold cost. Acquiring a good modifier is totally luck dependent. It is usual to burn through a huge stack of coins while trying to get a good modifier for an expensive weapon.

What does the Witch Doctor do?

what does terraria witch doctor NPC do?He is a rather simple vendor NPC, the player can sell and buy items from his shop. Among the items he sells, the most important is the Imbuing Station. It allows melee players to craft a variety of powerful flasks to enhance their weapons with.

What does the Clothier do?

what does terraria clothier NPC do?He is a regular vendor NPC selling vanity items. He sells clothes in his shop. As with other vanity NPCs, he has no other functions.

What does the Mechanic do?

what does terraria mechanic NPC do?She is another vendor NPC. Like any other vendor NPCs, she has a shop in which you can buy specific items and sell your items. She sells circuit related items and equipment such as wires and pressure plates. These items help the player with efficient automations.

What does the Party Girl do?

what does terraria party girl NPC do?She is a vanity vendor NPC. She sells party-related items such as confetti, balloons, and fireworks. You can also find beach balls, bubble wands and lava lamps in her shop. She has no other function than selling visually appealing vanity items.

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What does the Wizard do?

what does terraria wizard NPC do?

The Wizard in Terraria is a vendor NPC, selling magic-related items. Parallel to his appearance, he is super important if you are playing as a mage. He has powerful magic items and greater mana potions in his shop. Also, when defending himself, he casts powerful fireballs.

What does the Tax Collector do?

what does terraria tax collector NPC do?The Tax Collector NPC is another interesting NPC with a unique interaction and no shop. The Tax Collector “collects” 50 copper from every housed NPC every real-world minute. He can store up to 10 gold worth of coins. His unique interaction allows the player to gather the taxes he collected. When has 10 gold coins, you need to collect the money before he continues collecting taxes.

What does the Truffle do?

what does terraria truffle NPC do?He is yet another vendor NPC, he has a shop from which you can buy and sell items. Although his item selection consists of only six items, they are vital to progress. So, Truffle is an important NPC to get before finishing the game. Getting the Truffle necessary for a full ranged build in the late game with the Shroomite armour set.

What does the Pirate do?

what does terraria pirate NPC do?He is most like the other NPCs, he is a vendor NPC with a shop where the player can buy and sell items. His selection of items is rather limited. He sells a unique weapon, cannon, along with its ammunition; cannonballs. He also sells a set of pirate clothing.

What does the Steampunker do?

what does terraria steampunker NPC do?She is another vendor NPC in Terraria. She sells some important late-game items so getting her is almost a necessity to access the end game. Her requirement to spawn is an essential milestone in the game already. She sells all-important wings and other important materials.

What does the Cyborg do?

what does terraria cyborg NPC do?The Cyborg is another vendor NPC in Terraria. His items’ theme is “high-tech”, his appearance and quotes. Nanites and several types of rockets are some of the most important items from his shop. He is one of the – if not the – latest NPCs the player will get.

What does the Santa Claus do?

what does terraria santa claus NPC do?No, he doesn’t deliver gifts. Unfortunately. Instead, he is another vendor NPC in Terraria, selling and buying items in his shop. You can shop Christmas related vanity items from his inventory. Other than that, he doesn’t have any significant functionality in Terraria. He only appears in the Christmas season, according to your device’s time.

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