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Terraria Review: Why We LOVE This Game

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In the world of games, there are a few well-known, great games. The first one that comes to mind is Minecraft, which is particularly popular among young children. You probably also heard about the 2D sandbox game. These are two rival games, the players of each game are always ready to tell why the other game is so bad and you shouldn’t play it. Even though I have played Minecraft in the past and I still like the game, Terraria’s place in my Steam library is special. In this post, I will explore why I love Terraria and why you should also try it out.

What is Terraria?

Simply put, it is a 2D sandbox game. Your character starts with almost nothing in a huge world full of opportunities. It is then up to you to collect resources, defeat several bosses and gather NPCs to your side while trying to survive against the numerous enemies in the game.

Terraria Content

Terraria’s rich gameplay is popular. There are countless bosses, biomes, events, ores, and quirks in the game, making the usual gameplay very exciting. Because the world is huge, there is always some part of it you haven’t explored yet. That can be high in the sky, deep down in the underworld or at the edges of the world.

There are so many routes you can take while playing the game. You can specialize in fishing and create multiple fishing bases, go mining for weeks and explore thousands of caves, equip the best weapons and go adventuring.

The huge variety of weapons and equipment in the game also adds to the things you can try. You could become a melee warrior, a ranger or a mage. Each class has their selection of weapons, armors, potions, and accessories. You also could be a summoner, summoning multiple fighters for you and letting them do the dirty job while you explore the world.

Progression in Terraria

The richness of Terraria is definitely interesting and worth exploring, but there is something else that adds to the quality of the game: how well the content progresses. No matter how advanced you are in the game, there is always something challenging ahead of you, requiring preparation and skill. These challenges are what makes the Terraria gameplay so addicting.

The progression moves at such a pace that the next objective is never too hard or too easy. You always need some preparation before taking on the next challenge. What makes the game intriguing is that there are usually multiple options for preparation. This makes playing the game again and again even more exciting, let alone being boring.

Another note on progression in Terraria is that it is never forced on the player. Whether you choose to progress or not, there are lots of exciting opportunities to explore.

Thrilling Parts of Terraria

The mood of the game is set by the changing background music and visuals as you explore different biomes or start a boss fight. The whole atmosphere of the game changes very well with the current situation, resulting in an addictive and thrilling experience during fights. The relief of beating a boss is always a good memory, especially if you kill the boss with a brink of health remaining.

The constant risk of dying makes you pay continuous attention to the game while also resulting in a much more interesting gameplay. A great example to this the hidden traps underground. A boulder falling on your head means death, no matter how much armor you have.

On top of all of these, you can choose the difficulty to hardcore which deletes all your progress when you die. The tension of that alone is a great deal of excitement and is worth exploring.

Funny Parts of Terraria

Even with this much excitement and adventure in the game, the developers managed to some great jokes to the game. You may find yourself laughing hard after interacting with an NPC. NPC dialogues are well made and manage to establish a great story. There are great friendships as well as rivalries. Just following along the story of these NPCs is exciting.


I think it all boils down to the great variety of emotions Terraria can make you feel that makes it such an addicting game to play. There is always something fun to do whether you are just beginning a new world or defeated every boss. I would love to hear why you love Terraria in the comments.

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