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What is Hill Climb Racing 2? (BONUS: Download Links!)

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Hill Climb was a very popular game. It had a huge player base with millions of downloads. The developers of the game have now released the sequel, . It takes on the best features of the former game while also adding lots of fun features! Some of these are;  races, better visuals and fun events. We will go over what makes Hill Climb Racing 2 itself and provide links in case you want to try the game out.

What is Hill Climb Racing 2, really?

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It is a racing game that manages to make the most cliché genre of games interesting again. Even though the controls are rather easy, races are action-packed. With the addition of some great features (see below), it is a game worth your time.


Basic Gameplay

There are multiple game modes you can choose from (see below). The basis of the gameplay is always the same; you have a car and you need to drive it, as fast as possible.

You control your car with two pedals; one for the gas and the other for braking. These pedals also let you turn mid-air. Gas is for turning counter-clockwise and braking turns you clockwise. Although these controls are simple, one small mistake may lose you the game. This is mostly due to how rough the terrain is in the game.

Close one!

Your car also has a fuel tank that depletes as your ride. Different cars have different fuel capacities. On average, they deplete in 30 seconds without any upgrades. You can raise this to up to 90 seconds with a fully upgraded fuel tank.

If the driver touches anywhere, you lose the race. This can become a huge problem in tracks with ceilings. Running out of fuel is another reason you may lose the game. Interestingly, your car will keep going with its existing speed. You can’t speed up the car up in this duration, yet, if the car collects fuel, you can keep driving! Such moments are breath-taking.


Once you win a few races and earn some coins, it is upgrade time! There are four different categories to upgrade your car. Each upgrade improves your car in a unique way. Each upgrade starts at level 1 and can be improved up to level 20.

hill climb racing 2 which upgrade to choose

A fully upgraded car!


Upgrading your car is essential to winning races. In fact, we gave important tips on our Hill Climb Racing 2 tips & tricks post. Those tips are used by top players to win more races so make sure you read it.

Not all cars have the same upgrades. More advanced cars usually have unique and powerful upgrades. Here are the most common upgrades and what they do.

Engine: This is the most generic upgrade. It improves your acceleration and max speed.

Grip: This helps the engine actually speed the car up. Also helpful in steep hills.

Suspension: Its effects may not be felt immediately. Still, this upgrade can be a game changer in competitive races.

AWD: This is helpful for stability in rough tracks. It is a good idea to keep this at the same level with other upgrades.


As with most other games, you can customize your looks! You can choose to improve either your character or the car itself. These have absolutely no effect on the race itself. Still, it is more fun to race in a golden formula rather than a rusty jeep! Most customizations can be obtained as random gifts from chests. You can also unlock them with in-game payments.

hill climb racing 2 customization screenshot

Looking good!

While customizing your character, there are 3 parts of the body you can change. These are your face, torso and legs. Although there are sets of appearances, you are not limited by them. It is possible to select parts from different sets to create your unique racer.

Car optimization options are more limited. There are only 2 parts to change and those are the car itself and its wheels. Still, each car has its own customization options. You always have plenty of options to choose from!

Other Features

Events: Compete in weekly real-time multiplayer events with special rules!
Tune: More than 14 unique tuning parts to drive faster!
Explore: Race in different environments such as desert, asphalt, snow and more!
Great Graphics: Looks great on all types of devices
Social: Challenge your friends and show them who the boss is!
Compete: Climb the leaderboards, win races to become #1

Want to play Hill Climb Racing 2?

We are glad to hear that! You will find some relevant links in this section. Also, we believe Hill Climb Racing 2 won’t disappoint you.

Download Links

iOS users, download the game here!

Android users, download the game here!

Microsoft users, download the game here!

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If you have any questions, please tell us in the comments.

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