What is the moon event in Hill Climb Racing 2?

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Hill Climb Racing 2 holds frequent special events, each with their own different rules. To play a round of the special event, you need a ticket. You get 4 tickets every 24 hours for free or you can buy tickets for diamonds.

All special events are quite fun but some are more special, just like the upcoming Moon event. Moon event is a special-special event with its own unlockable vehicle in addition to the game mode.

Moon Event Car – The Moon Lander

This car is unique in many ways; it is unique to the moon event, it has three tires and its upgrades are also unique! The third upgradeable is thrusters which, well, thrust you into the air by a set amount of power. You should only use these thrusters when you need them or else you risk running out of fuel! Just if you didn’t know, you can use the thrusters by holding both of the pedals. When upgraded to the last level, they can get you pretty high up but you will run out of fuel in a few seconds.

Also, if you wanted to test the thrusters on the other cars, it is available as a legendary vehicle part to all vehicles.

The fourth upgradeable is called “B.R.A.I.N”. Mysterious? Well, the tooltip is even more mysterious. It goes;

This A.I. chip changes the shape of the vehicle to help you brake faster, climb steeper hills and drive faster!

Although we don’t know that the actual effects are, you probably can’t go wrong upgrading the “B.R.A.I.N”. As a stat, it increases the cars IQ. What a world we live in.

By the way, don’t forget that this vehicle is purchasable only during the moon event make sure that you don’t forget it to buy it or else you will be without a moon lander until the next event gasp.

Moon Event Special Race

Those who used to play the original Hill Climb will remember the moon map with its unique low-gravity event which opened the way for crazy air times along with multiple flip combos to gain a lot of coins in a short amount of time. The Hill Climb Racing 2 moon map is no different with its low gravity. This means that you will be able to try the monowheel on the moon map, which may not break a record but will surely be the cause for a lot of entertainment.

While it is not certain which type of race will be in the next upcoming moon event, it surely is going to be fun no matter what!

What are thoughts on the moon event? Have you bought the moon lander yet? Let the internet know in the comments 😉

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